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about alexander stöhr

Here you will find some more informations about myself – beside all the business related networks.

Alexander Stöhr, Early Years

A long time ago – i was kind of new on this planet, i wanted to be like Gyro Gearloose. Inventing cool stuff and building awesome machines. Of course, everyone of us had his own special character within the stories of Carl Barks.

Than later something more artistic. Painting or music – doesnt matter, creativity for the win!
Today I would say I am something of both. There is a deep connection between generating and developing new ideas, innovations or solutions and creativity. Unconventional projects require constantly out of the box thinking and new ways to achieve the best possible results. That’s why I love what I am doing – through creativity to perfection.


Alexanders Personal Challenge

My personal challenge is, spending one hour a day working on art stuff.  Music, artworks or photography for example. On this website, you will find some recent picks. I´ll try to keep it up to date as possible.


The Business Perspective

Besides of that, I am founder of the online marketing agency eboosting, based in Kassel. We are creating online success. That means, we are optimizing online channels. Such as onlineshops, online campaigns, online portals and company websites. Furthermore eboosting is an internet blog about traffic generation, user experience and conversion optimization. We are always looking for contributors for intresting topics. If you have something intresting to share in the fields mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact us!In addition, I write articles for the online marketing lexicon and participate at various events as a guest author or speaker. If you are interested in contribution from my side, just get in contact with me.
If you are interested in business related information, have a look at Xing & Co. If you want to rock your online business like Guns N´Roses was rocking their crowd (soooome time ago), you should definetively visit  eboosting.